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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Upgraded my Sempron 2400 to Xubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu spring upgrade time continue … just a day after Ubuntu “Natty Narwhal” release also Xubuntu 11.04 has been made available. Since I already had positively tested the beta version on my desktop computer (Sempron 2400) I decided to go straight with upgrading it with the new release.

The long, tedious, upgrade process …

I understand why many people prefer to fresh-reinstall their computer instead of upgrading it. The upgrade process can be very boring sometime and you can never be secure that the upgrade process will not stop to ask you something, so forget about upgrading “while you sleep” (this would be a real innovation wouldn’t it?).

In my case I started the upgrade on Friday evening but It stopped, after downloading about 800 package files, because of some download error. I so decided to retry later. Saturday morning I restarted the upgrade and it continued with the download of package files. After another interruption (I don't know if the problem was in my Internet connection or in the overcrowded servers) I eventually reached the end of the download phase.
After downloading the process continued with the installation of downloaded packages and stopped again a couple of times to ask what to do about Samba configuration or to ask permission to stop some application ...

At last I reached the final request to reboot the system and the upgrade was eventually over.

My “new” Xubuntu is ready …

Here is the new, just upgraded, system screen-shot.
At a first view there are not visible changes respect the previous version (no news good news is still valid when upgrading old computers) but at a deeper examination the system reveal many changes, and software updated at a newer version. One for all Open Office has been replaced by Libre Office. More important but far more difficult to see are all the “underground” changes and updates in modules and libraries. Just to do an example a little funny game I tried to install, LentilWars, but wasn't working because of some dependency problem after the upgrade runs without problems.
What's more important the whole system runs as fine as before or, may be, a little better. Not bad for a six years old computer.

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