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Monday, 28 March 2016

Test Drive: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on the EEEPC

Here I am, again, doing some “test-drive” on the EEEPC 900 and some newly released Linux distribution. Even thought I found, with Xubuntu, a stable lightweight solution for my old netbook still I'm looking curiously to what other lightweight solutions have to offer. After reading about the soon to be released Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 and its new so called “Mutiny” desktop layout, I so decided to download and give it a try.

A quick look ...

After boot Ubuntu Mate 16.04 welcomes you with the usual reassuring old styled desktop. In addition a handy welcome application is started too.
The overall doesn't seem very different from what I've seen during my last test, about one year ago. The usual menu and panels based user interface all configured from a well furnished “Control Center” application.
Among the many configuration available in the control center “Mate Tweak” is the one responsible for the so called mutiny.
The interface section in Mate Tweak configuration provide some useful pre-arranged panels configuration others are available like, “Redmont”, “Gnome 2”
or the “Cupertino” one

It might not be a revolution but still it's an interesting starting point for a quick desktop configuration.

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