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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10 “Utopic Unicorn”

I took advantage of the first week-end just after Ubuntu release date to upgrade both my desktop (Veriton S661) and my netbook (EEEPC 900) computers. Everything went quite smooth this time, here is a brief report on how the upgrade activities went.

Before to start

Since 14.04 is a LTS release the upgrade to a “ordinary” release must be explicitly enabled in the “Software & Updates” configuration tool.
Also, remembering problems I had last time I updated, I temporarily disabled the screen-lock.
To improve and make more reliable the Internet connection I connected the EEEPC netbook using good old Ethernet wire instead of WIFI.
Last I had to complete all pending updates before the upgrade button has been made available

The upgrade process

The upgrade process, after the usual initial confirmations, proceeded smoothly with downloading and installing all needed packages.
the EEEPC took, of course, a considerately longer time in completing both download and install phases. While installing on the desktop computer I've been asked once about some license agreement (EULA) regarding Microsoft fonts.
I suppose it's related to some Wine component installation, it didn't appear during the EEEPC upgrade. The Veriton upgrade showed an error message at the end about some Debian theme but it doesn't seem to affect the regular installation work.

Post upgrade Gnome-shell tuning

After the update completed and the first reboot I disabled the “Location” switch in the top-left menu
and upgraded some extension which had become outdated.

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