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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Java JDK 8 and Netbeans 8 on the EEEPC

With the recent release of the long awaited Java 8 Oracle also released the latest version of its development environment Netbeans. JDK8 and Netbeans have been made available as single updates or together in a bundled package. Since I wasn't fully satisfied from my recent upgrade to Netbeans 7.4 I was more than willing to upgrade.


The bundled package is in the form of the usual self-executable file Oracle provides to distribute Netbeans installations, let me say the installation process couldn't be easier.
I executed the installation file from shell …
chmod +x jdk-8-nb-8-linux-i586.sh
sudo ./jdk-8-nb-8-linux-i586.sh
the installation wizard started
it asked for usual license agreement
and a few more information like the installation path of both Java and Netbeans.
Eventually the installation wizard started copying all required files and in moments I had both Java and Netbeans installed.
of course the installation process doesn't remove the old version packages. I'll delete Netbeans 7.4 soon using the removal script stored in the Netbeans folder (/usr/local/netbeans-7.4/uninstall.sh). I'll instead keep Java JDK 7 a little longer just in case I need it for some compatibility test.

First Run

Just after installation completed Netbeans asked about importing existing projects
then it started regularly.
I tried closing Netbeans and starting it again many times but the problem at startup I noticed with 7.4 version fortunately didn't show anymore. I tried compiling and running some of my test projects and everything went fine with JDK 8. Netbeans 8 on the EEEPC 900 is, if not fast, at least fairly usable.

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