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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Netbeans 7.4 on the EEEPC 900

It has been a while since last time I wrote about Netbeans installation on the EEEPC 900. I usually use Eclipse as my preferred Java IDE, both at work and at home, but on the nine inch EEEPC display Eclipse has too many parts falling off-screen. I so started using Netbeans on the EEEPC and, as the time passed, I learned appreciating it.


Installing Netbeans on Linux is quite simple: I downloaded the installation script made it executable and started it like following:
chmod +x netbeans-7.4-javase-linux.sh
sudo ./netbeans-7.4-javase-linux.sh
Then I just followed the wizard instructions:

after agreeing twice to licenses (Netbeans and JUnit) I selected the installation path to the “usr/local” directory, since I started the installer as super-user.

once the installation completed I started Netbeans, it asked me for importing previous version configuration

and at last it started.

As soon I verified the new version worked properly I removed the 7.3.1 installation by executing the uninstall script:
sudo /usr/local/netbeans-7.3.1/uninstall.sh

Everything ok? … Well not exactly

Unfortunately I've removed the previous installation too early; I quickly discovered Netbeans 7.4 crashes, on my computer, half the times I execute it. It's quite regular in crashing since after a successful execution there is ever a unsuccessful one. The problem is more annoying than blocking but if I don't figure a solution I'll have to go back to 7.3.

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