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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Test Drive: Linux Mint 16 “Petra” on the EEEPC

With the end of November the latest Linux Mint distribution release has arrived. Even I haven't got Mint installed on any of my computers anymore I decided to give it a look to see how it behaves, at least running live, on the EEEPC. I so downloaded Mint 16, the version shipped with Cinnamon 2.0, and prepared a USB disk using Unetbootin.

First impressions

The system started with reasonable speed and booted into the (good) old fashioned view of the Cinnamon desktop.
Mint 16 behaves smoothly enough and is responsive even on the EEEPC 900 limited resources.

Linux Mint and Cinnamon worked flawlessly during all the test, I particularly appreciate, among many others things, the way notifications are handled
and the Software Manager
definitively more graphic-appealing than Ubuntu Software Center.
Among the rich system settings choice I noticed the interesting the “Effects” settings:
that might be useful in tuning the system responsiveness especially with slower machines.


I've been using Linux Mint for more than a year, before going back to Ubuntu. Mint has grown up a lot since then, I'm not going to switch back bur I might, soon, give Cinnamon a chance by installing it on Ubuntu.

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