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Friday, 24 December 2010

More wireless bridging

I recently had to move one computer to anther room, so I had to connect two rooms with my router placed in the living room. Not willing work with cables across the house I decided to expand the wireless bridging I already had set-up by adding a new access point. This time I double checked hardware characteristics before to buy and I eventually decided for a Netgear WG602 (V4) access point. Using only hardware of the same producer is not mandatory but it often helps.



There isn't a lot to add to what I had already written about this; bridging two access points and one router is pretty similar to bridging only two devices. After initial device configurations (set the IP address, change the password and so on) I configured the router (A Netgear DG834G) WDS configuration to a multi-point bridging mode writing there the MAC addresses of the two access points I have.


on the access point side I configured the wireless bridging as repeater writing there the router MAC address


after saving both configurations the bridging connection went on and I got again all computers in the house networked together. Not the best solution for transferring big files across the net but good enough to connect to the Internet.

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