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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Upgraded the EEEPC 900 to Ubuntu 10.4 (NBR)

The big upgrade season has, at last, arrived. The first computer I decided to upgrade to the freshly arrived Ubuntu distribution is the EEEPC 900.

Night-time upgrade process

Tuesday night, the 29th, I noticed the “New release available” button displayed in Ubuntu update manager. I so decided to start the upgrade process and to go to sleep also because the download process was promising to be quite long (it did take about two hours at last).

upgrade 10.4

Friday morning the upgrade process was stuck on about 75% waiting for an answer about some modified file to be kept or replaced. I did put all on sleep and went to work. Friday evening at last I completed the upgrade process. We are still far from a upgrade-while-you-sleep feature but I understand it's not an easy thing to do.

First impressions

After upgrading Ubuntu 10.4 confirms all the positive impressions I had testing it as live distribution. The boot process is reasonably fast: it takes about 30 seconds to arrive at the login and less than a minute to have a fully ready system. All settings I had before upgrading have been kept with the only exception of the desktop wallpaper (the one I did choose after the first installation seems not being available any-more)


None of the error messages I noticed while testing the beta liver version appeared but unfortunately is still present the EEEPC 900 battery error message at start-up (Even if I didn't see it on the live version).


The upgrade process has been fairly smooth and painless. The new release is working fine enough, I only hope also that upgrading the other computers will proceed in the same way.

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