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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10

I recently upgraded my desktop computer (Sempron 2400) to the last released Ubuntu version. I decided to upgrade using the Ubuntu update manager, I so started the upgrade process and ... went to bed since it promised something like eight hours of download time.
The day after I continued the installation process and, at last, restarted my machine.


No news good news?

The first impression, apart from the renewed boot graphics, was that nothing was changed: same desktop appearance, same theme, same applications running. Let me say seeing this has been extremely reassuring mostly because I upgraded a not-so-new machine.
After exploring the new system more deeply I started noticing the many improvements, many of the installed applications are upgraded to the latest version, the new “Software Center” in replacement of the “Add/Remove Program” and “Ubuntu One” service installed by default.


I'm not going to repeat here all changes in Ubuntu 9.10 since the previous version, you have probably already read them yet, many reviews have been written all over the 'net since the various beta versions has been released. Let me only write down a couple of impressions.
First the system continues running as smooth as before the upgrade. And this is the most important thing when you are not eager to upgrade your hardware. Secondly I really appreciated having “Ubuntu One” installed. I had already heard about this service but I didn't find the time to try it. Finding it already installed in my system made the registration an irresistible temptation.

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