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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Installed Ubuntu 9.04 on Sempron 2400

I really couldn't resist not to try the recently released Ubuntu version.  I so cleared an almost forgotten 20GB partition on my desktop computer (Sempron 2400) and I started installing Ubuntu 9.04.
Ubuntu, Kubuntu or ...
I'm an eternal undecided between Gnome or KDE (and XFCE isn't bad too) but, since I'm using EEEBuntu on the EEEPC, I got more used to Gnome and this leaded me into installing Ubuntu.
I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu CD from the torrent download page. I usually prefer downloading big files using TorrentFlux (on my PIII 550 server). I so started the download in the evening of the 23rd and went to bed. The next morning the download was completed.

Installation went straight-forward: once started I've been asked for the usual bunch of information (Language, Keyboard, Time-Zone ...) then I proceeded with disk partitioning. I did choose manual partitioning in order to use the 20GB partition I already had left for Linux installation.

First run
First impressions on Ubuntu are quite positive: All peripherals, apart my HP scanner, are working fine without the need to look for extra drivers. The computer run smooth even with some graphical effect enabled in spite not being a last generation one. Here is how my desktop looks like, after some little look changes (I really prefer cold tones desktops)

I'll use this installation for migrating to Linux the few desktop activities (editing videos, managing photos …) I still use Windows for.

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